ABC Ministry=

Avondale Presbyterian Church

& Bethlehem Center of Charlotte

working together partnership

ABC Ministry - a vision and partnership

We invite you to join us at Avondale, as our congregation and the team at Bethlehem Center work to build bridges to reduce inequities by breaking down barriers and enriching the lives of children.

ABC Ministry - the Out of School Time program 

Our vision of partnering with the Bethlehem Center of Charlotte is unfolding and growing. Hosting the teen “Out of School Time Enrichment Program” on our campus, freeing up valuable space at their facility in the Southside Homes/ Brookhill community, was the first step in our new partnership. There are many opportunities to build relationships with the teens and families involved in this after-school program. We hope you will join us in working to make a difference in Charlotte and beyond. 

ABC Ministry - Come to the Table education

The Education Initiative of our ABC Ministry is called "Come to the Table". Educational offerings are intended to promote discussion, challenge assumptions, and provide a forum for listening and thinking. All are welcome at “The Table”, from east, west, north and south....and every place in between.  See events here.

ABC Ministry - Summer Teen Camp 

In June 2017, the Out of School Time program metamorphosed into  a full day summer camp. That first summer at Avondale, registration was full with 26 teens participating. Today, the ABC Teen Leadership Summer Camp is held at Avondale and off-site locations and runs Monday through Friday, full days during the summer. A few activities of past summers included: 
- College tours
- Volunteer work
- Guest Speakers from non-profit organizations
- Weekly projects based on session themes
- Partnership with Junior Achievement and Microsoft
- Camping Trips 
- Daily topics for thought, discussion and inspiration

The Bethlehem Center handles summer camp registration. 

ABC Ministry - Get involved and volunteer!

There are many opportunities for volunteers to work with Bethlehem Center (BC) kids. To become an approved volunteer, one needs to fill-out the BC volunteer form, pass a background check, and then take BC specific training. See this page for more information and the Volunteer Application Form- the first step to getting involved. 

ABC Ministry.

More about our developing ABC Ministry....

God calls us to be His hands and feet, to share the message of His son by serving others. At Avondale, we are growing and stretching to build a new mission serving others. We have prayed for God’s guidance. In 2015, Avondale’s leadership identified the desire to be more missional focused with a clear vision to connect to neighborhood and to build bridges to our neighbors.

Our leadership and congregation identified several priorities in
redefining mission at Avondale. As a congregation, God calls us to:

  - Create close relationships to support a dynamic faith

  - Not only serve our neighbors but know them personally

  - Prepare the hearts of children and families to abide in Christ

  - Reduce economic inequities by breaking down barriers to education

  - Develop and demonstrate a sustaining faith 
Those serving on a Dream Team looked beyond the obvious to bring ideas
about new possibilities for Avondale and utilizing our talents and resources to:

  1) Build bridges to reduce inequities affecting the Southside and Brookhill communities and

  2) Enrich the lives of children through the development of a sustaining faith.

Partnering with Bethlehem Center of Charlotte is our first step.

​For more information, contact Avondale at 704-333-6194.