Adult Sunday School Class List.

Bible 101: Gain a deeper understanding of the Bible with this cross-generational group through provocative questions and lively discussion, led by the Reverend Dale Mullennix.

Connections: Connect with God, the Church and other parents of young children. Share the happenings in your everyday lives and discover ways to live more faithfully. Led by Tom and Marian Stout, Bill Caldwell and others.

Pathways: Join this new Young Adult Sunday School class designed to study the Bible, encourage fellowship, and serve others as we journey God’s path together.

Foundations: Explore ways to use your faith as a foundation in the midst of life’s routines, joys and difficulties. Topics are varied, but the goal is always to bring the discussion back - often with some laughter - to how what we study impacts our faith and its force in our lives.

Sabbath House: Step through our open door to spiritual growth through study and discussion of conventional and non-conventional books, newspaper articles, etc. Bring an open mind and a willingness to share your faith.

Seekers: With this new class of couples and singles, explore the challenges and joys of daily Christian living. Learn to live your faith more fully through Bible Study and examination of current social issues.

Aitken: Come be embraced by fellowship, love and care for others while you soak up the wisdom of our older adults. This Bible study is led by class members, using the Present Word, a six-year cycle through the whole Bible.

Vanguard: Develop stronger relationships with Christ, while finding support for your journey of faith shared with this class of 60-year-olds (and up.) Bible study is discussion-based, using the Present Word curriculum.


Class Location Map


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