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Giving to Avondale

Gifts to Avondale can touch many lives. Supporting Avondale Presbyterian Church with your gifts is an expression of love for the work that God has called the church to do and an affirmation that all we have is God’s alone. There are many ways to make gifts to Avondale.

Gifts, Donations, Tithe, Pledge, Stewardship.....

...all are vitally important to fulfill the ministry and mission vision we have for the church. Click on the link below to give online now using a credit card, debit card or PayPal account.  

Avondale Worship

  • Offering (2022 Pledge)

  • Offering Gift (not pledge)

  • Visitor Offering

  • Friend Donation/Gift

Offering Plate_edited.jpg

Giving to Avondale

  • Avondale General Fund

  • 2022 Pledge

  • Visitor Offering

  • Friend Donation/Gift

Avondale painting - by Charles Hayes 2002.jpg

Special Offering

  • Ten Cents-A-Meal

  • Easter Gifts

  • Advent Gifts

  • Christmas Joy Offering

  • One Great Hour of Sharing

  • Pentecost Offering

Pentecost Special Offering  SMALL.jpg

Avondale Ministries & Funds

  • Avondale Endowment

  • Avondale Facilities

  • Avondale Columbarium

  • Avondale Sacred Garden

  • Children's Ministries

  • Youth Group Ministry

  • Music Ministry

  • ACE Ministry

  • GoodPasture Fund

Memorials & Honorariums

  • in Memory of...

  • in Honor of...

Sacred Garden - entrance.jpg
Peru 2016 - working on bldg.jpg

Auto-Draft Form

  • use for repeating gifts & tithes

  • weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually

  • can stop the auto-draft at any time 

Memorial & Honorarium.jpg


Avondale Presbyterian Church is a registered
501(c)3 non-profit organization.



Donation amounts made to Avondale Presbyterian Church
are kept confidential.
Names may also be held confidential, if requested.


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