Face to Face in Milot

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Are you feeling called to help in this ministry?

     There are several ways you can help build this ministry and help make it sustainable.


Attend a Trip:

     If you feel called to go to Milot and serve our brothers and sisters in Christ, Please e-mail Jim Bowen for more info.


Help with Fundraising:

     If you feel called to help with our yearly benefit event, please e-mail Zach Chambers for more info.


Contribute Financially:

     If you feel called to support meals for our friends in Milot you can donate here. It costs $30 to feed one person per

     month or $360 to feed someone for an entire year; however any amount will help.

     The journey of partnering with our friends in Milot, Haiti continues. The vision for a house to shelter visiting

     medical workers, missionaries, and much more is becoming a reality. Construction has begun and the vision will

     continue with local villagers running the house. The goal is sustainability. Your contributions can help put a roof on

     the house, or a door, a wall, a bed.... 




     Avondale Presbyterian Church is a

     registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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