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Face to Face in Milot

The History of this Ministry.


Our purpose is simple: to ease the suffering of the disabled and elderly of Milot, Haiti. The mission, the purpose, of our Haiti ministry has stayed the same since 2015; however, serving and loving our friends in Haiti has evolved. Read more.

History / Ministry Updates.
Travel with us into the history of this Ministry. In 2016, the Mission team began exploring the idea of an international mission trip. Continue reading:
Haiti Ministry History 2011-2019.

The ministry was made possible through a partnership between Avondale Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC and a six member advisory board, made up of pastors and community members, in Milot, Haiti. The Milot program was started by Jacquelyn and Sadira Valmyr in 2006. Since its inception, ....continue reading.

For 2015, the Mission Ministry team and the session of the church funded the Milot project at $8,735. The remaining balance of ministry was supplemented by a special offering and additional fundraising done by churches and community members. Read more.

  We invite you to view Experiences shared from our trips. Videos, pictures, reports... a glimpse of the people of Haiti. See more of this mission of feeding, serving, and loving the elderly and poor in Haiti. Experiences

Are you feeling called to help in this ministry?

There are several ways you can help build this ministry and help make it sustainable. Contact us.

The journey continues...

Part 3: Experiences

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