Face to Face in Milot

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Leadership of the Ministry. 

This ministry is made possible through a partnership between Avondale Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC and a six member advisory board made up of pastors and community members in Milot, Haiti.


Milot Team.

This program was started by Jacquelyn and Sadira Valmyr in 2006. Since its inception, two local pastors, Saint Luis Fenelon and Rony Laurent along with Pierre Lumarc and Claudette Telfort, two community organizers have joined as board members. Together, they work out feeding schedules, budgets, and what to do when someone from the program either dies or no longer needs their help.

Avondale Team.

An International Mission sub-group (built from the Mission Ministry team at Avondale) will be in monthly communication with our partners in Haiti. This team will make bi-monthly reports to the Mission Ministry team to make sure that the entire church is fully aware of God’s work in Haiti. Additionally, Avondale will send two groups to Milot per year to aid with the delivery of meals to the elderly.

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