Face to Face in Milot

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Our Purpose.
    Our purpose is simple: to ease the suffering of the disabled and elderly of Milot, Haiti. This mission of feeding,

    serving, and loving the elderly poor in Milot is our way of following in the footsteps of Christ.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Many of the elderly have no family and are forced to fend for themselves.


Hope and Promise.


    Haiti has little to no functioning government, especially in the remote towns far from the capital. Milot is a town outside of Cap-Hatian with immense promise and a great sense of community.

   Unfortunately there is also a huge amount of need. With such a high mortality rate, many locals outlive their entire family, and there are no services to help care for the elderly. Neighbors often try to help, but are limited by the responsibility to feed their own children.

   The Milot Meal Ministry was started in 2006 to help ease the suffering of this one specific segment of the population. By providing food for each of the elderly on an individual basis, the financial burden is lifted off the immediate community.

   The need is great. Our 30 recipient program has provide a lifeline for the truly needy of Milot.

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