God calls us to be

His hands and feet, to share the message of His son by serving others.


Here at Avondale, we draw on the passion and diverse talents of our congregation. Our programs nourish faith, build fellowship and community, work to feed the hungry, and nurture those in need.


Our commitment and service to our church and community is one way we encounter God, not only by stretching out our own hands to
serve, but often by finding that God’s arms are extended back to us. 

How are you called to live out your faith?

How are you called to serve?

Hands & Hearts.

Community Garden

Hands & Hearts opportunities:

  • ABC Ministry

  • Avondale Adventures

  • Avondale Children’s Center

  • Avondale Sign on Park Road

  • Children's programs 

  • Communications & Photography

  • Congregational Life

  • Connect Camps

  • Finance 

  • Member Care

  • Music Ministry

  • Nursery

  • Member Care 

What are your talents or gifts? 

Contact us about how to serve and share your gifts. Call 704-333-6194 or email.

BBQ Sale Fundraiser

Youth Advisor

Vacation Bible School

Basketbal Ministry

    ABC Ministry

Worship Band and Choir

    ABC Ministry

Building the kingdom


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