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Navigating faith with friends and fellowship.

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Getting Started


What is a Journey Group? A Journey Group is a group of people that comes together to play, learn and grow together as they share their journey of faith. Journey Groups meet regularly with a common goal or purpose, and are led by trained leaders. All Journey Groups offer opportunities to grow closer to Christ by strengthening our bonds with one another as Christ’s people.


How many people are in a Journey group? Anywhere from 3-20


How often do Journey Groups meet? Journey Groups meet weekly, every other week or monthly. Some are time-limited; others are ongoing, though topics and activities may change seasonally. The ideal Journey Groups meet “frequently and intentionally.”


What kinds of Journey Groups are there? Journey Groups may be organized around common interests, ages and stages, desire to serve or socialize. Fellowship, Support, Study, Service, Spiritual Growth, and Recreation are the primary categories of Journey Groups we offer.


Who leads Journey Group gatherings? Journey Groups are led by trained leaders, though some training may be “on-the-job.”


When did Journey Groups begin? The earliest Christian “Journey Group” was created by Jesus when he called the 12 disciples. Since then, groups have played an important role in the formation and nurture of Christian faith. Avondale has had “Journey Groups” for decades, called circles, Sunday School classes and Bible studies. Today’s Journey Groups include them and more!


What kind of commitment must I make? Weekly groups meet for 10-12 weeks (or less). Monthly groups usually meet September –June. Biweekly groups meet 5-6 times. Regular attendance will enrich your experience.


How do I sign up for a Journey Group? Sign up on a Sunday morning by filling out a Connection Card in your seat or at the Journey Groups table or Register online by visiting here.


E-mail Connie Love or call her at 704.591.1763


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