Journey Groups at Avondale

Navigating faith with friends and fellowship.

Sunday School Classes
All Sunday School Classes meet each Sunday at 10am

Aitken Class
The Present Word
Contact: Betty Patterson, 704.372.2624Teachers: John Earl, Bob Rudisill, Nancy Bohrer and Lyn Sweet

The Aitken Class enjoys the fellowship and knowledge accrued through years of experience in faith and everyday life. We enjoy monthly lunches at various local restaurants.


GROUP DETAILS: Place: Aitken Classroom
For: Mostly Retired Folks

Bible 101 – A 3-Year Walk Through the Bible
Leaders:  Various members, John Earl, Ron Crossley
Coordinator:  Mary Martin

We are a diverse, multi-generational Sunday School class focused on Scripture and characterized by lively, honest discussion. We generally follow the lectionary, but this spring John Earl will lead us in a Lenten study and we’ll explore aspects of theology with Dr. Ron Crossley over several weeks. We also enjoy fellowship and service projects in the community.


Place: Fellowship Hall

For: Men and Women of All Ages

Led by Shea Chambers and Tom Stout

We are a group of men and women, married or not, with and without children, who want to build a strong foundation for our faith and faith community that will last us throughout our lives.  Topics vary from books to Bible study to current events to group support. This spring we’ll discuss the book “Who is this man?” by John Orberg. It’s a look at what Ortberg calls the unpredictable impact of Jesus.

Place: Church Conference Room
For: Men and Women of All Ages

Led by Linda Haigh

Step through our open door to spiritual growth through study and discussion of conventional and non-conventional books, newspaper articles, etc.  Bring an open mind and a willingness to share your faith. The group will pick a new topic of study to begin mid-February.

Place: Sabbathouse Classroom
For: Men and Women of All Ages

Led by Rogers Magee, 704.525.8149 and Connie Love, 704.333.3257

Explore the challenges and joys of daily Christian living. Learn to live your faith more fully through Bible Study and examination of current social issues. This spring we’ll be looking at poverty in Mecklenburg County and studying what Jesus teaches about the poor among us.

Place: Nettie Johnson Memorial Library
For: Men and Women of All Ages

Vanguard Group - The Present Word
Coordinated by Marsha Rose 704.525.3295
Teachers: Betty Chambers, Tim Chambers, Chip Reed, Marsha Rose, DJ Saleeby, and upon request, John Earl and Chris Lee


The Vanguard Class enjoys weekly fellowship and Bible Study through our ecumenical curriculum. We share joys and concerns of our members, as well as our mission contributions and service to the church and beyond. We also enjoy brunches and luncheons at various restaurants and members’ homes.


Place: Vanguard Classroom

For: Older Working and Retired Folks


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