Journey Groups at Avondale

Navigating faith with friends and fellowship.

Study Groups

Avondale Book Club
Led by Robert Rogers

The Avondale Book Group hosts a lively and stirring discussion about a book we pick each month. Sometimes those discussions hit upon matters of faith, often just questions and responses the books provoke. We read books from many genres, including fiction, history and biography.


Day/Frequency: Last Tuesday of the month

Time: 7 pmPlace: Stacey Longshore’s House (across the street from Avondale)

For: Men and Women of All Ages

Bible Study
Led by John Earl

Every week we take a close look at a particular passage. We wrestle with what God is telling us in that passage and discuss what hold that has on our lives.  

GROUP DETAILS:There are two attendance/location options for this group:
Day/Frequency: Weekly on Wednesdays
Time: 1:30 – 2:30 pmPlace: Merrywood
Day/Frequency: Weekly on ThursdaysTime: 10 – 11:30 am

Place: Avondale Conference Room

Circle #5 – Come to the Waters (Judy Record Fletcher)
Led by Sigrid Sacra / 704.365.0298 and Ann Gregory / 704.553.2450
Taught by Lyn Sweet / 704.553.2728

This circle of women experiences Christian fellowship through Bible study, mission, contributing to Least Coin Fund, and the love and support of home-bound friends and each other. In this year’s study, we’ll consider the image of water in the Bible, ranging from the waters of chaos in Genesis to the River of Life in Revelation where chaos is no more.


Day/Frequency: First Tuesday of each month

Time: 1 pm

Place: Avondale or a member’s home

For: Women of All Ages

Genesis Circle – Forgiveness: Finding Peace Through Letting Go (Adam Hamilton)
Led by Ruby Cathey / 704.525.5769 and Connie Love / 704.591.1783

Our circle of women walk through the challenges that come with learning to forgive and asking for forgiveness. Freedom, grace, reconciliation and joy are all promised to those who embrace forgiveness.


Day/Frequency: Third Tuesday of each month
Start Date: Sept. 15

Time: 7 pm

Place: Members’ homes

For: Women of All Ages

Theology on Tap – Discussion and Beer Drinking
Stephen Hummel / 904.762.5623

If you enjoy craft beer and would like to know more about the process and latest products, this group is for you.
If you feel like faith is too often like a boat anchored in port when it should be sailing into stormy seas, this group is for you.
If you feel like faith should not be passive but instead it should assault the conscience, excite the imagination, and fan the flames of creativity, this group is for you.
If you long for a place to risk asking the questions you dare not ask at church, this group is for you.


Day/Frequency: Every Other Wednesday

Time: TBD (After Work Hours)

Place: Local Breweries

For: Men


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