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Member Care Ministry.

Serving Our Community

An important role of churches in a community is to serve those in need. At Avondale, there are outreach opportunities for all ages and gifts. From working with children and youth, to serving our homeless neighbors, to service trips. 

Serving Each Other

Also important is caring for our members when they are in need and that the community of the church is present. Our Member Care ministry is not only composed of  clergy, but all within the congregation. We provide support where needed. Homebound, new baby,
a death, surgery/illness... our members serve our neighbors and each other - and know them personally. We enjoy and share fellowship weekly and share prayer, meals, visits and more as needed.

We know God is always close and worship is one way we can reach out for that relationship, not just as an individual, but with the strength of a community. 

Memorials & Honorariums

Make a gift.

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