Peru Youth Trip Fundraiser 2016

  The Avondale high school youth are off to Quillabamba, Cusco, Peru on June 19th to work in conjunction with First Presbyterian Church of Bryan, TX and local Peruvian delegates to improve and add to the Sajiruyoc Bible Institute facilities. They will be sanding and painting 20 bunk beds for the seminary students, building sidewalks, and possibly doing some light construction and electrical work. After a week of work, they will embark on a 5 day trek to Machu Picchu while they put intentional discipline into their spiritual lives as they walk.


  We thank you so much for your support leading up to this trip! Our final fundraiser for the 2016 Peru trip is this Number Board Fundraiser. It will run the month of May and begin on May 1st at the lunch following Youth Sunday worship. Our congregation, friends and family will have the opportunity to donate a chosen amount to our trip and will receive a card or cards with prayer requests or snippets of information about the trip and/or the people involved.


Welcome to the on-line portal of the number board.


Step 1: Pick Your Number/s

  Look through the image below to select the number(s) you would like to unlock.


Step 2. Click the Paypal Donate button

  Click the donate button to contribute. Donate the amount of the numbers you selected.





Step 3. Receive Your Card

  Within 48 hours you will receive an e-mail with the card you have chosen. It will include a prayer request or information about our trip. Print and keep it to remind you of where we are and what we are doing so you can be with us in prayer and spirit.


Step 4. Check Back Often

  Keep checking in on this page to see the image reveal itself as more donations are given.