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Avondale Giving

Your giving helps ensure Avondale offers meaningful ways to engage faith through worship that awakens us, experiences that help us understand our role in God's world, and service to those beyond our walls. Gifts to Avondale touch many lives as we commit to the work of the Kingdom. 

Once a year, we at Avondale Presbyterian Church come together to make our financial commitments for the coming year. This pledge helps the church to plan to meet current and future financial obligations and grow. This growth is both spiritual and societal and impacts all ages.

Avondale serves as our spiritual home, allowing us to grow and develop in Christ and the Holy Spirit. It is a source of education for our youth and people of all ages. It allows each of us to grow in faith, spiritual understanding and community. We supply support for ministries, both within and outside the church community. And we provide support and comfort to those experiencing life’s most trying times.

Stewardship encompasses all aspects of giving, not just the financial commitment. Though the annual pledge drive focuses on the money aspects, please also take this time to consider other ways to support the church. This may include volunteering in various aspects of church life.

Here is a pledge card. Take your time. Pray. Look for discernment as to what role Avondale plays in your life, and what role it could play in the coming year. Please consider increasing your pledge, if you are able.

We invite you to bring your pledge card to worship on Sunday, October 9, 2022 when we dedicate our gifts to the church. 

The Stewardship Committee wants to thank all of you who help to support Avondale and help it to be all it can be.

2023 Pledge Form

print form

fillable form

Auto Draft Form

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fillable form

Send your pledge contribution now online.

See this page to complete an Avondale Pledge form. 

Each year we bring our completed commitment pledge forms to Worship on or before Dedication Sunday. We are grateful for whatever commitment you make and thank you for your faith in and support of God’s work at Avondale. Pledges, made for the following year, help guide our church in forming budget and mission for the following year. 

Pledge and donation amounts made to Avondale are kept confidential. Names may also be held confidential, if requested. Avondale Presbyterian Church is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Gifts to Avondale

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Gifts to Avondale can touch many lives.

Supporting Avondale Presbyterian Church through your gifts is an expression of love for
the work that God has called the church to do
and an affirmation that all we have
is God’s alone. There are many ways
to make gifts to Avondale.

Donate online now.

Other Ways to Give to Avondale

If you do not feel comfortable using online giving, you can give in
other ways:

- place a donation in the offering plate;

- write a check;

- use automated bank drafts (see form on this page);

- give stocks or securities; or

- give to the endowment.

General Fund




Directed Giving

Sacred Garden

Haiti Ministry

Stock Gifts

IRA Gifts

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For information on ways to give below, see our donate page.


Moments of Grace FORM

Send Pledge

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Setup, or stop, your payments anytime. For those who commit to a recurring pledge, we encourage you to setup a Bank Draft to make your contribution giving easier. 

Whether your commitment pledge is weekly, monthly or a one time contribution, we ask that you fill-out and turn in a Pledge form. This allows our ministries to budget for the following year.

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-October 9, 2022 is Dedication Sunday-

About 2022-23

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Stewardship 2022-23 Sharing in God's Abundance  BEST BEST BEST.jpg
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