Avondale Giving

Your giving helps ensure Avondale offers meaningful ways to engage faith through worship that awakens us, experiences that help us understand our role in God's world, and service to those beyond our walls. Gifts to Avondale touch many lives as we commit to the work of the Kingdom. 

Vitally important to fulfill the ministry and mission vision we have

for our church is “Raising the Consciousness." Our Stewardship theme

is about "letting go of me and embracing something larger..."

It is a way to change our perspectives, to one of good stewards-
as beings who give from a deeper place within.

During this time of a global pandemic, we see moments of grace at Avondale
and beyond. We must believe/know that good things are happening and God is at work.

We seek God’s guidance in the shape of and growth of our ministries, sacred space

for Avondale, and change in our community, the world, our church and congregation.

All of these need your support now and for future generations.

2021 Pledge Form

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Auto Draft Form


Send your pledge contribution now online.

Each year we bring our completed commitment pledge forms to Worship on/before on Dedication Sunday. We are grateful for whatever commitment you make and thank you for your faith in and support of God’s work at Avondale. Pledges, made for the following year, help guide our church in forming budget and mission for the following year.

Donation amounts made to Avondale are kept confidential. Names may also be held confidential, if requested. Avondale Presbyterian Church is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

Moments of Grace

Gifts to Avondale

Gifts to Avondale can touch many lives.

Supporting Avondale Presbyterian Church through your gifts is an expression of love
for the work that God has called the church
to do, and an affirmation that all we have
is God’s alone. There are many ways

to make gifts to Avondale.

Other Ways to Give to Avondale

If you do not feel comfortable using online giving, you can give
other ways:

- place a donation in the offering plate;

- write a check;

- use automated bank drafts (see form on this page);

- give stocks or securities; or

- give to the endowment.

If you have any questions

please contact our

Financial Coordinator,

Jacqueline Howells. 

General Fund




Directed Giving

Sacred Garden

Haiti Ministry

Stock Gifts

IRA Gifts

For information on way to give below, see our donate page.



Send Pledge

Setup, or stop, your payments anytime. For those who commit to a recurring pledge, we encourage you to setup a Bank Draft to make your contribution giving easier. 

Whether your commitment pledge is weekly, monthly or a one time contribution, we ask that you fill-out and turn in the Pledge form. This allows our ministries to budget for the following year.

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