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"Dancing Our Prayers"

Mending Wings Charlotte Visit Those who participated in the summer youth trip to Washington State have exciting news to share! Our friends from Mending Wings are planning to visit Charlotte in early March and Avondale will be hosting! The purpose of their trip is to share their "Dancing Our Prayers" service with Avondale. This service will be on Sunday, March 6 during worship. This is their way of sharing their culture, spirituality and way of life.

The youth and staff will drum and dance in full regalia, perform drama, give testimonies and speak on conciliation issues between native and non-native America. The youth and leaders of Mending Wings went above and beyond with helping our youth feel welcome by providing a week of service, education, worship, field trips and cultural immersion and we are hoping to do some of the same! A planning group has been assembled and they will keep you informed on ways you can help make Mending Wing's trip to Charlotte meaningful.

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