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We honor the Yakama Nation...

November is National American Indian Heritage Month.

We give thanks, honor and share with you the Yakama Nation….

Our Avondale Youth are grateful to have spent five days on the Yakama Indian Reservation in June 2021 learning from the Tribal elders, leaders, and youth with the Mending Wings organization. The reservation is made up of fourteen tribes and bands and lies along the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range and the Yakima River in south-central Washington.

Focused on service projects, spiritual formation and cultural immersion, our indigenous brothers and sisters of Mending Wings invited us to come as learners to their culture and with a servant’s heart. Greeted with an abundance of love, the Yakama people shared much with our youth and adults, making powerful memories, teaching, and sharing activities, worship and meals. Read more about this time of cross-cultural service and learning, all within an indigenous paradigm. Special Youth Ministry Report "Mission & Exploration in the Northwest"

Are you interested in learning more about Native American Heritage Month? Use this link to find ways you can learn more about the history of our Native American brothers and sisters, their history and how you can support them!

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