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Property Work Day!

Our fall Work Day was held Saturday, September 25th. We had a great morning of outdoor work, fellowship and fun. The weather was sunny and gorgeous.

Thank you to the many helping hands!! We planted, trimmed, spread gravel, pressure washed, cleaned, hung TVs, and more..... Again, grateful for the many hands that were able to share love and care for our church campus.

New at Avondale!

We now have a Zoom Room! On our property work day, we setup the conference room in the church office with a TV monitor, computer, camera and microphone making virtual accessibility to meetings and other small groups easier and of better quality! So far, Bible 101 and the new Racial Healing small group

have been able to use the room and have had great success. If you have a meeting or small group gathering and would like to offer a virtual attendance option, reach out to Jessica Shanks in the church office and she will get you setup and teach you how to use it!

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