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Did you catch that in worship?!

Did you catch the sign language in worship last Sunday, February 21, 2021 during the Song of Confession?

We have created a tutorial of the signs for the song “Have Mercy God Upon My Life” and invite you to learn the signs and participate every Sunday during Lent. We are also inviting you to submit home videos of you and your family participating with us.

At a time where it is easy to feel as though we are worshipping alone from our homes, we invite you into this opportunity to remember that we worship together as a church family and as a community.

To submit a home video, you will need two devices, one to play the song and/or worship video and one to record you. (Home video submissions should be in landscape view!) If you have any questions or wish to submit a video, email Amanda at


Time Stamps:

0:06 Intro

1:54 Have mercy God upon my life

4:41 and make me clean within

6:32 Pour out You ever faithful love

8:54 and wash away my sin

11:09 Worship Video including music and signs

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