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Sunday School

Nursery & Children

For those attending Worship, the nursery is open until 12:15 PM so you can attend Sunday School too! Read more about that here.

Sunday School

As of July 11, 2021 – see Sunday School offerings below

Sunday, August 29 - Sunday School class will resume for all age groups!

Bible 101

Bible 101 is back to meeting in-person on Sundays. However, we will continue to be available on Zoom, since that drew so many people during the pandemic. Each week we discuss a Bible passage, delving into the history, the context, and grappling with its meaning in our lives. We ask a lot of questions and operate under the wise words of our founder "no Sunday School answers." Our reading often comes from the lectionary, which follows the year in the life of God's church. But we veer away from that to engage other topics that our class feels called to

discuss. We're a community of all ages that wrestles with and rejoices in God's word. We welcome you to join us Sunday mornings at 11 AM in the conference room or online at Zoom at If you have questions, contact Lisa Worf.


Seekers Class will be back in session in-person at 11 AM after worship this Sunday, July 11. We welcome anyone to engage in a study focusing on "Daring to Trust God in New Beginnings," subtitled- "Finding Purpose in the Seasons of Our Life." We meet in the Library. Come enjoy fellowship, study and sharing our lives.

Leader for this study: Olivia Magee

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