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Mission: Welcome Home

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

AVONDALE MISSION: (sign-up links at bottom)

Roof Above helps the homeless achieve housing. When clients attain housing, it is overwhelming what is needed to "set up house"- about $300 to cover the basics! Roof Above has identified a need for "Welcome Home" kits to assist these families. The mission group has set a goal of 10 kits for Avondale this summer- six from groups and four from the general congregation.

MORE: Who? What? Why?

When someone from our community moves into housing after experiencing long-term homelessness, they typically do not have the essential items needed to make their house a home. The basic items provided in each kit allow the individual to easily transition into the next phase of their life. Any housing program in our community that houses a person from the chronically homeless registry is able to get a Welcome Home Kit. Welcome Home Kits have served over 700 people. Welcome Home Kits flyer from Roof Above.


We invite you to sign-up to provide items for these kits, to be collected by July 31. Anyone can contribute! It takes a village. Drop-Off: Welcome Home Kits Drop-Off at Avondale Presbyterian Church will be from July 17-31, 2021. Mark your calendar! Reminders will be shared.

Welcome Home Kits Group SIGN-UPS:

Avondale Congregation, Family & Friends

Avondale Children’s Center ASAP

Music Ministry

Bible 101 And one more Avondale group joining in this summer!

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