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Space Rental at Avondale

Facility Rental

Avondale Presbyterian Church rents its facilities for nonprofit, religious, cultural, educational, sports, and social programs that are comparable with the tenets of the Presbyterian Church and the regulations of the church’s management commission.

We are blessed to have this sacred space in the heart of Charlotte. We have a dedicated team and membership that work together to care and manage our Church and the property. Our buildings have rooms of varying sizes and we have outdoor spaces. We do not have maintenance, event, or operations staff to assist with events or setup/takedown.


A few details:

  • Avondale does not rent space to individual non-members for parties, receptions, dances, etc.

  • Rates – Member / Non-Member (we do not have a non-profit rate)

  • Member Rates – 75% Off Non-Member Rates

  • Sanctuary rental is TBD.

  • Alcoholic beverages and weapons of any kind are not permitted on the Church Premises.

  • Hold Harmless: Renters must be willing to sign a hold harmless agreement assuming all risks for loss, damage, liability, injury, cost and expense and release Avondale Presbyterian Church and the PC(USA) from any loss, claim, liabilities, damages and/or injuries to persons and property that in any way may be caused by or during applicant’s use or occupancy.

  • Space is not reserved until agreements and monies are completed.

For general information or to request a "Rental Packet" with  more details, rates, and policies, contact the church office at 704-333-6194.

Weddings and Receptions 

For information about weddings and receptions, please call the office at 704-333-6194. Updated Wedding Policies are forthcoming.

Funerals and Memorials

For information about funeral services and space in our Columbarium, please call the office at 704-333-6194.



For information about baptism (of infants, youth and adults), please contact our Senior Pastor at 704-333-6194.

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