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Connecting at Avondale.

Avondale is a church where we lean on each other for spiritual support. That can be through a Bible study, a small group discussion about glimpsing God in the everyday, on the basketball court or checking up over a cup of coffee. We offer ways for people at any age or stage of life to tap into the fellowship and care of the church.

Connecting Ministries.

Children Ministries.

Church crafts group

Youth Ministries.

Church group

Adult Ministries.

Adult Bible study

Family Ministries.

Outdoor church group


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Sunday school and evening activities at Avondale engage children’s curiosity about God and help show them that church can be a fun place.


                         Children's Ministries

Sunday evenings, weekend retreats, summer work camps give the youth a forum to explore what a relationship with God means, ask questions, and build bonds between each other.

                                                        Youth Ministries

A life of faith often means asking questions, trying to understand God’s movement in our lives, and sharing joys and concerns with others. We offer several different groups to help engage our faith and foster those close connections.  

                                                         Adult Ministries

Retreats, basketball, church-wide meals bring families together and help them grow together in their faith.

Are you interested in learning more about Avondale? Or, are you interested to find out about membership? Completing our "Next Step" form is the first step to be contacted by someone from Avondale. Want something more immediate? Please call our office.  


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