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Who we are here at Avondale.

We are a community of people eager to grow our faith spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually. We grapple with God’s Word, try to understand God’s plans for our lives,
find comfort in God’s grace, and celebrate the joy of God’s love. We recognize that close relationships can nudge and encourage faith, so we seek to know each other, not only by our names, but by the different gifts and talents behind them. We are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA) and believe that we’re made whole through the grace of Jesus Christ.  We welcome all who want to deepen their faith or are curious about Christianity.

We are...


Rev Jim Ewing Installation

We have several groups looking out for the spiritual well-being of the congregation. Our pastor works with elders and ministry teams to make sure Avondale offers meaningful ways to engage our faith. Our staff help guide music and operations.


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Youth Sunday 2018

Everyone is welcome. Nurtured in the love of Jesus, Avondale is a community of people supporting each other and reaching out to serve others. Avondalers of all ages - families, singles, seniors, and children - find a church home that nourishes faith at every stage.

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Aerial view of Avondale Presbyterian Church

Avondale began in 1944 built with brick from an abandoned schoolhouse. We started small and have grown over the years. But we’re still a tight-knit community and one that is eager to share God’s love with others.


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The Sacred Garden

World Labyrinth Day

We encourage everyone - members, visitors, and neighbors - to use the garden as a place for reflection, meditation, prayer, and remembrance. Walk the labyrinth, listen to the soothing ring of the wind chimes, have a conversation with a friend, or read a book. The garden entrance is across from the Family Life Center.


More about the garden

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