Worship At Avondale.

There are many ways to worship God. At Avondale, Sunday mornings are an important time to gather, focus on God’s Word, understand what it means for our lives and let the music invigorate and unsettle us. We know God is always close and worship is one way we can reach out for that relationship, not just as an individual, but with the strength of a community. 


Our service follows a liturgy of confession, praise, and examination of the Bible. And possibly, has an element of surprise in thought, music, or fellowship. 

Worship Service and Programs.

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During the

Worship Services are broadcast


Worship Service

Sundays at 9:30 AM in the Family Life Center


Our unified worship service at 9:30 AM is a meaningful, welcoming service that continues to affirm our Reformed tradition. Our unified service is a blend of ancient, traditional, and modern forms of music, prayer, and liturgy with scripture remaining at the center of the service. We hope you'll join us in this unified worship as we Glorify God.


More about our Service

Sunday School / Christian Nurture & Fellowship

Sundays at 11 AM in the Classrooms       

At 11 AM, continue to enrich your spiritual growth through open discussion and study. In small groups, explore the challenges and joys of daily Christian living.

We have programs of Christian study and fellowship for
all ages. 

Christian Nurture for adults during COVID-19

Christian Nurture.


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