“For where two or three are gathered
in my name, I am there among them.”

- Matthew 18:20

Avondale painting - by Charles Hayes 200

August 29, 2021
is Rally Day!

Youth Group Kick-Off

Youth 6th to 12th grade invited to join. more

Rally Day more

Bible 101 at Avondale.jpg

Bible 101 

on Sundays after our 10 AM Worship Service


Contact Jessica for details

704-333-6194 x10

Avondale MUSIC Ministry.jpg

Music Ministry

Interested in joining music? Contact Rich Stanley.

Choir, Handbells, Instrumental, Band, Youth/Children's Choir and AV/Tech

Member Care.jpg

Member Care & Mission

Join Member Care and help keep the Avondale family connected. 

Rally Day - Aug 29

Sunday School classes resume for all age groups

Youth Group begins
Blessing of the Backpacks

Bibles for 3rd graders & 3 year olds

Stewardship Campaign

Sept 12- Kick-Off

Oct 3- Dedication Sunday


Nov 28- Dec 24​



1st Sundays – Communion

4th Sundays – Ten Cents-A- Meal Offering


Newsletter Dates

January 27 / info by Jan 19

April 28 / info by Apr 20

July 27 / info by Jul 20

October 27 / info by Oct 19


Avondale-ACE Ministry
Aug 5- Avondale-ACE Ministry meetings changing to 10 AM, 1st Thursday of the month

Aug 6- last day Summer Camp

Aug 30- first day of TLC (Teen Leadership Cooperative)

ASAP Program

July 22

Aug 26

Sep 23

Oct 28

Nov 18

Dec 16

Lunches for Roof Above

Jul 27

​Aug 31
Sept 28

Oct 26

Nov 30

Dec 28


Session Monthly Meetings

Jul 11

Aug 8

Sept 12

Oct 10

Nov 14

Dec 12


Taizé Prayer Services

Aug 3- returns to in-person!

​Sept 7

Oct 5

Nov 2

Dec 7

Calendar of Events


Jul 1- Youth Mission Trip returns

Jul 5- Office Closed/Fourth of July observed

Jul 6- Taizé Prayer Service

Jul 8-11- Youth Group Massanetta Middle School Conference

Jul 11- Worship returns to in-person!

Jul 11- Session monthly meeting

Jul 15- Stewardship Meeting

Jul 17-31- Welcome Home Kits drop-off of items

Jul 20- Newsletter info due

Jul 22- ASAP Program

Jul 25- Congregational Meeting

Jul 26-30- Vacation Bible School cancelled

Jul 27- Lunches for Roof Above

Jul 28- Newsletter published
Jul 31- Welcome Home Kits items due



Aug 3- Taizé Prayer Service- returns to in-person

Aug 7- Celebration of Life of Bordie McCloskey

Aug 6- ACE last day Summer Camp

Aug 8- Session monthly meeting
Aug 25- CMS first day of school

Aug 26- ASAP Program

Aug 29- Rally Day

Aug 29- Sunday School classes resume for all age groups

Aug 29- Youth Group begins

Aug 31- Lunches for Roof Above

Aug 30- ACE Ministry first day of TLC (Teen Leadership Cooperative)



Sept 3- ACC closed for Teacher Workday

Sept 6- ACC closed for Labor Day

Sept 6- Labor Day/Office Closed

Sept 7- Taizé Prayer Service in-person

Sept 7- ACC new school year begins

Sept 12- Stewardship Campaign Kick-Off

Sept 12- Session Meeting

Sept 23- ASAP Meeting

Sept 28- Lunches for Roof Above



Oct 3- Dedication Sunday

Oct 3- World Communion Sunday

Oct 5- Taizé Prayer Service

Oct 10- Session Meeting

Oct 26- Lunches for Roof Above

Oct 28- ASAP Meeting


Nov 2- Taizé Prayer Service

Nov 13- Charlotte Art Collective (rental)

Nov 14- Session Meeting

Nov 18- ASAP Meeting

Nov 25- Thanksgiving

Nov 28- Advent begins

Nov 30- Lunches for Roof Above



Dec 4- Avondale's 3rd annual Christmas Marketplace

Dec 7- Taizé Prayer Service

Dec 12- Session Meeting

Dec 16- ASAP Meeting

Dec 28- Lunches for Roof Above