Avondale Music Ministry

                        Music is a vital part of our ministry at Avondale.
                        It brings a sense of reverence to our worship 
                        services and spiritual nourishment to those
                        attending. The sounds of a choir, a band, piano, flute, handbells, organ, and voices of all ages… inspire and lift people’s hearts to a higher spiritual level. Music provides a deeper expression of our faith. It is a universal language.


Our service is a blend of ancient, traditional, and modern forms of liturgy, prayer and music. We invite you to listen or join us in praising God through music.


Our music program involves everyone, from the youngest of children through adults of all ages. It incorporates almost every kind of musical genre, from well-known hymns to voice and instrument solos, to worship band and ringing handbells, cantatas and children’s performances.


We’d love for you to share your gifts, time and talents with Avondale. We look forward to harmonizing with you.

Get Involved

For those who may be interested in performing, Avondale has opportunities to worship God through many styles of music, representing the talents (and growing talents) and gifts of our congregation.


We invite you to join the fellowship and fun of our Worship Choir, Worship Band, Youth Choir, or the “Avonbellers”, our handbell choir. Throughout the year, we also have children’s music. You may be interested to sing, play instruments, or lead children… wherever you feel called, we hope you will consider joining our Music Ministry and find fun and faith as we rejoice in the lord. 

Music is one way to express

the JOY of living our faith

Rehearsal Schedule:

Worship Choir

Worship Choir
6:45-8:00 PM

Worship Band
8:00-8:45 PM

Handbells "Avonbellers" 

7:00 PM 
Sunday Run-Throughs

Band 8:20 AM 
Choir 8:45 AM

Youth Choir 
Sundays: 4:30 PM



From the past....

"75 Years of Music"

Sat., Oct 12, 2019
4:00 PM

Avondale's 75th Anniversary Homecoming Weekend




Sun, Dec 15, 2019
11 AM

a performance  part of the Avondale Adventures program





Anthem sung at Avondale Presbyterian Church with Colin, Katherine and Marin.

Worship Service on 2017-07-23 - by Becky

If you are considering
using your gifts to
help us lead God’s people
in reverent worship,
please speak with our
Music Director.

Rich Stanley
704-333-6194 / email