Adult Ministries at Avondale.

Avondale Avondale encourages an active and curious faith. We offer several ways throughout the week for adults to delve into God’s Word and figure out how Christ is calling us to respond. That may be through a class on prayer, a Bible study, or a vigorous discussion on current events We believe faith grows when we we’re able to share our joys and concerns with each other and together look to Christ to re-define them.

Adult Sunday School.

Avondale offers several Sunday morning classes with different approaches to engage faith. Class is held at 10am between the two services.


                        Class List and Description

These groups are designed to bring people together who want to explore a specific dimension of faith with an eye to building close connections. Small groups may deal with finding God in everyday life, prayer techniques, or how to reflect God’s love as parents. They usually meet for several weeks at a time that fits for the group.

                                     Description of Journey Groups

Journey Groups.

Bible Studies.

Avondale offers weekly chances for people of all ages to read the Bible closely and discuss what it means for our everyday lives. A mid-week Bible Study is held Thursdays at 10 AM.

Retreats, “Weaving Avondale women together for the glory of God.” There are lots of ways women can connect at Avondale and share the challenges and joys of work and family. They can join small groups around common interests like Bible studies, bunko, dining out, and parenting. There are also opportunities to help with the need in the Charlotte community.

Presbyterian Women. 


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