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About Labyrinths

A labyrinth is not a maze; it is a simple path with one entrance that leads to the center. The path out is the same path back to the original entrance. Its design is deliberate....

Avondale Labyrinth 2.jpg

Walking a Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a pathway – it winds around from the outside to the centre, and back again. Labyrinths are known from ancient times and are seen...


Children, Youth & Labyrinths

What does a labyrinth have to do with children and youth? Being outside, in motion, and mediation are healthy activities for children to discover and practice. 


The Labyrinth at Avondale

The labyrinth at Avondale is located in the Sacred Garden at 2821 Park Rd. We encourage everyone - members, visitors, and neighbors... 


World Labyrinth Day & Schools

On World Labyrinth Day, held every year on the first Saturday in May and on Friday for schools, thousands around the world participate in this moving meditation for world peace. 

Rock Maze

Find a Labyrinth

Did you know the Charlotte area has many labyrinths? Find out where they are and even find labyrinths around the world.

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