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ASAP mission benefits sick kids

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

ASAP's mission of collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House recycling program helps families stay near their children. We invite ASAP members and friends to continue collecting, bring them to Avondale, and we will deliver them in June.

It was wonderful to see everyone at the ASAP lunch in April! Thank you for all the pop tabs brought to the ASAP meeting. Wow, please continue! Anyone can contribute.

- ASAP Planning Team

ASAP Program Returns June 24

Mark your calendar and save the date for the fourth Thursday at 12 noon to gather and lunch with your ASAP friends. The June 24 program will be a time to discuss favorite meals, favorite programs, places we want to go, and missions for the year. We will meet in the Fellowship Hall. Callers will call to remind and get reservations. Please remember to bring your pop tabs!

Coming dates: June 24, July 22, Aug 26

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