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Roof Above Lunches date changes

The schedule of lunch-making and delivery to Roof Above for our homeless neighbors is changing. Beginning May 2022, our monthly day will move to the first Wednesday at 9:30 AM. Our next scheduled date of Thursday, April 28 is canceled. Please join with Avondale friends on Wednesday, May 4 at 9:30 AM to make approximately 100-150 lunches for our homeless neighbors. This is a great opportunity for small groups and families to serve together!

Mission: Roof Above Lunches Ministry

Since the pandemic began, Avondale has been making bag lunches monthly for Roof Above. The clients served are men living in a dorm who are homeless but still working. The dorm near Presbyterian Hospital rented to Roof Above ended and the clients could no longer reside there, so our sandwich making came to a halt in August 2021.

With the new location organized, our mission to provide lunches monthly to men who are homeless but working, resumed in December 2021 with the number of lunches to be made doubling, from approximately 70 to 150.

In May 2022, our lunch-making mission continues; however, our monthly date and time changes to the first Wednesday at 9:30 AM to prepare nutritious lunches and deliver the same day.

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