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and remembrance...

In love

A gift of the Christian church is that it is rich with rituals and traditions of joy, grief, and hope, as communities of faith come together to support one another, both in celebration and in grieving.

Sacred Garden wind chimes at Avondale Presbyterian


ServiceFor those who could not attend .. to view

Obituary & ServiceSun, Nov 20 at 1 PM ... view

WBTV newsFather who was seriously injured... view

WBTV newsMother of 7-year-old... view

On social media -CLT Ride, Rocks & Socks view

CLT Bike Camp Rides for Max  view

Socks4Max event July 23 view

Poem read at the July 14 service view

First Worship service following tragedy  view

A Letter from Member Care  view

Special Update email   view

Meal Train Letter re: Shanks family  view

Church Triumphant announcement  view

A few ways to help at this time:

- Prayer! See resources below

- volunteer for Vacation Bible School  VBS

meet Tues, July 19 at 1 PM at office

- help in the office email Cheryl Judd-Magee

- help setup at 9 AM for Congregational Meal and take-down following  

Visit the Sacred Garden to pray, reflect and

remember link  

Rosemary is on the Chime Tower for love and remembrance.

Rosemary for remembrance

Sacred Garden chimes

Quick news:

-Max' Service recorded

-Keep Children Warm & a Magical Christmas Trail

you're invited to help details

-A service for Max Shanks - Nov 20

Celebration of Life  details

-Sat, July 23 is Socks4Shanks day

see details on Facebook or in pdf

-Updates on Corey

see the GoFundMe page for updates scroll down

-Fri, July 22 - special service at ACC

a special service for the kids, with CLT Bike Camp

-Thurs, July 14 - Service at 7 PM
see Special Update for details

-Sunday, July 17 - connect with love and support

gather in garden before worship

fellowship at Congregational Meal following worship

see Special Update for details

-Congregational Meal link

-Meal Train link

more details in Meal Train Letter

-GoFundMe link

more details in Member Care Letter

Scroll down to see updates and

community Words of Support.


Prayers during illness/crisis  view

Supporting Grieving Children view

CLT Bike Camp in Memory of Max Shanks (7).JPG

Socks4Shanks day

A Prayer in a time of trouble...
God of wind and water, stillness and storm,
your Spirit sweeps over the surface of the sea. Give us faith to seek you in times of trouble.

Reach out your hand to us when we are sinking so that we may believe and worship you; through Jesus Christ, Sovereign and Savior. 
(based on Matthew 14:22-33) 

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